Christopher J. Harrington / Brooklyn, NY 





M.A. Art Education and Early Childhood Education, K-12, (CUNY) Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY (2020)

Architectural Drafting and Blueprint Design, (Studies), CCV,Burlington, VT

Americorps Alliance For Children Youth and Families, Tacoma, WA

BA Art, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT

National Student Exchange Program, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA


2020-Present, NYC DOE Substitute Teacher, Brooklyn, Various, Long term and short term positions. 

2019- 2020 (Graduate Field Work/Student Teaching) IS 98, BayAcademy, Brooklyn, NY: Art Teacher - Taught two (full) learning segments. Onewith a seventh grade art talent class, the other, with a mixed, sixth througheighth special education class. Focused on interpretation of tones within thevisual arts and music, and using recycled materials to simulate everydayproducts.

2019, NIA Community Services, PS 207, Brooklyn, NY: Painting Instructor, DIY Musical Recording Instructor

2018-2019, NIA Community Services, PS 95, PS 247, Brooklyn, NY: Visual Arts, DIYMusical Recording, Vegan Cooking, ELA instructor

2017-2018, SubstituteTeacher, Charter Substitute Teacher Network (CSTN), various CharterSchools, Brooklyn, NY

2017, HOSH Kids, Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School, Brooklyn, NY: Chess,Music Interpretation, Magic The Gathering Instructor

2014-2015, Brooklyn Collegiate Charter School, Brooklyn, NY: Illustration andDesign Instructor (concentration in comic book design and theory)

Selected Exhibitions

2021, Wish You Were Here, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts, Warren, RI

2020, Postcards From The Pandemic, Beard and Weil Gallery, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

2019, People's Choice Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2018, Graduate Ceramic Work, Whitehead Hall,Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

2016, Ithaca Artists: Group Show, CSMA, Ithaca, NY, Curated by Joyce Stillman-myers

2015, Group Show, CSMA, Ithaca, NY, Curated by Joyce Stillman-Myers

2011, (Solo) Works II, Red Square, Burlington, VT

2011, Art of the Streets, Bern Gallery, Burlington, VT

2010, (Solo) Works, Drink, Burlington, VT 

2010, Culture, Bern Gallery, Burlington, VT, Curated by Jeff White

2007, Wacked Out, Arts Alive, Burlington, VT

2005, Test: Hello Bob Jean (Live Installation), 110 Court Street, Burlington, VT

2004, Another New Age, Northwest AmericorpsSymposium, Portland, OR

2004, Group Show, Catholic Worker Center, Tacoma, WA

2002, Unconventional Paintings, Dewey Hall, JohnsonState College, Johnson, VT

2002, New Student Works, Dibden Center, Johnson, VT

2001, Drawing Concepts: Student Showcase, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Selected Performances

2019, Ana Mendieta: A Body of Work, NYCATA, UFT, Art Works 2019, with Erin Dunn, Christine Brandt, and Laura Bronzini, Beacon High School, New York, NY 

2018, Passengers, with Nigel Philip, Samantha Garbarino, and Diana Ardila, James Hall, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY 

2016, Improvisation Midnight, Cinemapolis, Ithaca,NY

2012, Ecological Restorations, Burlington Discovery Jazz Festival, with Otis Cleveland, Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

2012, Harmon Killebrew, with Withheld, Island Dreaming Festival, Montpelier, VT

2010-2011 (6 shows), Residency: Metal Mondays, with Withheld and various, Nectar's, Burlington, VT, Curated by Matt Hagen and Matt Longo

2010, Introduction, with Shawn Cheney, Evan Pemberton and Max Harrington, Monkey Bar, Winooski, VT

2009, Basement Bliss II, with ConfirmationSlaughter, 101 North Winooski, Burlington, VT

2009, BasementBliss, with Confirmation Slaughter, 101 North Winooski, Burlington, VT

2009, Rock Night Twice, with Soul Feather, JP's, Burlington, VT

2008, New Prog, with Soul Feather, Monkey House, Winooski, VT

2008, Afternoon, with Soul Feather, Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

2008, Experience, with Soul Feather, Dibden Center, Johnson, VT

2007, Return from the Dead, with Stinky Green, Studio 506, Burlington, VT, Curated and recorded by Adam Henson

2002, Moment:A Love Supreme, with Stinky Green, The Barn, Charlotte, VT


Ithaca Times, New Noise Magazine, New Noise Hip Hop, BrooklynVegan, Invisible Oranges

Selected Photojournalism

“Forward Destroyed Saint Vitus, with Haram and more," Brooklyn Vegan, November 19, 2018

"East Coast Bruisers: Horrendous, Tomb Mold, Daeva, and Oxalate @ Saint Vitus (LiveReport)," Invisible Oranges,November 12, 2018

"Primus and Mastodon @ Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk," Invisible Oranges, June 6, 2018

"Live Report: Necrot, Skullshitter @ Saint Vitus," Invisible Oranges, March 27, 2018

"Live Report: Siege @ Saint Vitus," InvisibleOranges, July 26, 2017

"A Day At Saltonstall," interviewwith Lesley Williamson, Ithaca Times, No. 44, June 28, 2017 (Summer Ithaca2017)

“The Mark of an Artist,” interview withRobert Sikora. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No.43, June 21, 2017

"The Sounds of Space," interview with Spazzare. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXVI,No. 41, June, 1, 2017

Selected Writings

The New Industrial Age", interview with cEvin Key, KANGA, Trace Amount, New Noise Magazine, Issue 56, 2021

"Hardcore 2020: The Veterans: Cro-Mags," interview with Harley Flanagan, New Noise Magazine, Issue 53, 2020

"Post Punk's Not Dead," interview with Dara Kiely, Lani Combier-Kapel, SaraFantry and Jake Sprecher, New Noise Magazine, Issue 49, 2019

"Frankenstein's Metal," Interview with JunTokita, New Noise Magazine, Issue 49, 2019

"ImpendingDoom: Wormed," Interview with Gabriel "V-Kazar" Valcazar,New Noise Magazine, Issue 48, 2019

“Blissful Rage, Drug Church,” interview withPatrick Kindlon, New NoiseMagazine, Issue 43, 2018

“Null Zone: Straight to Tape,” interview with Michael Potter. New NoiseMagazine, Issue 41, 2018

White SmokeRising, Ghost,” interview with Tobias ForgeNew NoiseMagazine, Issue 40, 2017

“He’s Going The Distance: CAKE’s still reaching for theHorizon,”  interview with John McCrea. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 38,May 24, 2017

“The Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers are the Truth,” interview with Baruch Whitehead. Ithaca Times, Vol.XXXVIII, No. 37, May 10, 2017

Calling The Corners, Psychedelic Witchcraft,” interview with Virginia Monti.New Noise Magazine, Issue 39, 2017

“Ghosts of Rock’N’Roll Past, Screaming Females,” interview with Marissa Paternoster and Jarrett Dougherty. New Noise Magazine, Issue 38,2017

“Opening the Bridges,”interview with Ariana Kim. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 35,April 26, 2017

“The Poetry of Life and Death: Mary Blaise Turgeon Blazes Strongin New Exhibit,” review of Mary Blaise Turgeon at Buffalo Street Books.Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 28, March 7, 2018

“Artful Noise, Prurient,” interviewwith Dominick Fernow. New Noise Magazine, Issue 37,2017

“Dank, Dark and Devastating, Cannibal Corpse,” interview with Phil“Landphil” Hall. New Noise Magazine, Issue 35, 2017

“Bloodand Wax: SpookyLP’s for the Halloween Season,” interview with Jonathan Dennisonand Devon E.Lewis. New Noise Magazine, Issue 36, 2017

“Demonic Nightmares Unpolluted by the Modern Age, Myrkur,” interview with Amalie Brunn. New Noise Magazine, Issue 35,2017

“Progressive Vision: Former Genesis Guitarist at the State,” interview with Steve Hackett. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII,No. 25, Feb 13, 2017.

“A Decade in the Underground,” IthacaUnderground 10th YearAnniversary. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 25, Feb 13,2017

“Gridcore for the Soul, Leng Tch’e,” interviewwith Nicolas Malfeyt, New Noise Magazine, Issue 34, 2017

“The Infinite Reach of Music and Art,” interviewwith Jacob Bannon. New Noise Magazine, Issue 31, 2017

“Hardcore Resistance: First Blood and Sheer Terror,” interviewwith Carl Schwartz and Paul Berger. New Noise Magazine, Issue 31, 2017

“Forceful Vision,” interview with Kurt Elling. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 20,Jan. 11, 2017

“Philosophy, Art, Love, Danger, and Technical MusicalRighteousness, Descartes A Kant,” interview with Sandrushka Petrova and Memo Ibarra. NewNoiseMagazine, Issue 30, 2017

“Chuy Hartman’s California Expression,” interview with Chuy Hartman. New Noise Magazine, Issue 30, 2017

“A Noisy and Warm Dimension, Dreamcrucher,” interview with Luwayne Glass. Ithaca Times, Vol. XXVII, No. 11,Nov. 8, 2016

“Classic Punk From The East,” interview withShonen Knife. Ithaca Times, Vol.XXXVII, No. 10. Nov. 2, 2016

“A Spirit From Beyond,”interview with Esperanza Spalding. Ithaca Times, Vol.XXXVII, No. 7, Oct. 12,2016

“Do Objects Feel Pain,” review of HitchLyman at the EYE Gallery. Ithaca Times, Vol.XXXVII, No. 46, July 13, 2016

“The Singularity,” review of Huang Hsin-Chien at the Johnson Museum of Art.IthacaTimes, Vol. XXXVII, Nov. 11, 2015

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