Christopher J. Harrington / Artist - Educator 

Chris is an avid baseball and basketball fan. He grew up thinking he'd be a pro. These days he reads lots of philosophy he can't understand, draws lots of pictures, and listens to music non-stop (stuff like The Minutemen, The Cure, A Tribe Called Quest, The Orb, Sam Rivers, Robyn). He's showed his artwork in many cities across America, played music in many bands (including the free jazz legends, Harry J. Anslinger), and has worked an unimaginable amount of jobs. Highlights include: writer, editor, teacher, library clerk, page, booth guy, phone guy, warehouse guy, photographer, illustrator, chef, cook, dishwasher, Americorps volunteer, driver, collector, buyer, DJ, canvasser, instructor, gardener, musician and floral deliverer. He is spiritual, but also a historical materialist, believing, as Marx did, that history is the result of material conditions rather than ideals. He currently resides in Brooklyn, and hopes one day to move to the desert. 

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